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Personal docente e investigador

Oulego Blanco, Paula

Profesor Ayudante Doctor
985 10 34 43
Facultad de Química, despacho 210

Áreas de interés:

  • Tratamiento de aguas residuales industriales
  • Procesos de oxidación avanzada
  • Revalorización de residuos urbanos e industriale
  • Procesos de separación
  • Nanomateriales
  • Catálisis


  • Recovery of organic acids from pre-treated Kraft black liquor using ultrafiltration and liquid-liquid extraction. Separation and Purification Technology 2022, 284, 120274.
  • A proposal for the classification of sludge products throughout hydrothermal treatment. Chemical Engineering Journal 2022, 430, 132746.
  • Biopolymer composite from cellulose nanocrystals of almond (Prunus dulcis) shell as effective adsorbents for Cu2+ ions from aqueous solutions. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 2021, 9 (2), 105139.
  • Persulfate activation by modified red mud for the oxidation of antibiotic sulfamethoxazole in water. Journal of Environmental Management 2020, 270, 110820.
  • Valorization of steel slag towards a Fenton-like catalyst for the degradation of paraben by activated persulfate. Chemical Engineering Journal 2019, 360, 728-739.